Seier Capital

Seier Capital is a private seed and venture capital company without external investors. There is only one investor, as the company is fully owned by Lars Seier Christensen.

Seier Capital provides access to all the ressources a young company needs to accelerate its growth, manage its business, overcome the hurdles it meets and succeed financially.


Waoo is fiber broadband company for people who want the best digital experiences.

They have a lot of experience and controles some of the biggest danish energy companies so they teamed up to bring the ultimate digital solution to your home.

Waoo has the most innovative solutions for the future.


Denmark's new electronics giant, giving the Danes cheaper electronics and appliances.

Power started in the summer of 2015 opening the virtual doors up to and then they opened the first 4 POWER HOUSES in Glostrup , Herlev, Odense and Frederiksberg. But they do not stop here! Over the next few years, numerous new POWER HOUSES shoot up all over the country.

Their mission is to make it an experience to buy electronics. Therefore POWER is a place filled with energy, enthusiasm and most importantly good service.

Campus Vejle

Campus Vejle's eSports academy gives upcoming players the best support in Europe on their journey to becoming professional eSports talent. As the campus gains a bigger understanding of players needs the aims of the course will expand, adapting alongside the scene to always provide the most comprehensive platform possible. In addition to a high quality education, both Tricked and Campus Vejle are aiming to provide the following:
Tuition from former & present professional players and Great facilities to keep players healthy


Owayo manufactures its own sporting apparel in order to provide our customers with the best customization experience possible. Create your own kit by choosing the design, colors, inscriptions, and features. Make your designs how you want at the click of a button with our 3D Kit Designer.
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