A new Trickster in our lineup

Latest update: 5/11/2017 - 4:00:00 PMAuthor: Torben Thulstrup

Welcome -simon -snedker

We are delighted to announce that we are adding Simon "Snedker" Snedker to our CS:GO-lineup. Snedker was a student at Højer Design Efterskole a year ago which is where we first caught eye on him. Snedker quickly made his way to the first team on HDE where he won TV2 South"s championship for boarding schools.

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The HDE-team were praised for their abilities considering their young age, as well as their tactical knowledge. They exemplified this by calling important timeouts at important times in their games.

After the school year at HDE, Snedker went to Campus Vejle and the Tricked Academy. While at Campus Vejle Snedker joined the ranks of Odense Esport but he is now going home where belongs - Tricked Esport CS:GO. The club which has cultivated his development in recent years.

CEO Morten "Phy" Jensen adds:

"Over the last couple of weeks, there has been some instability in our CS:GO-team's performance, we had many talks back of forth between the coach and players. When we look at the crucial games, its 90% of the time our CT-side who lacks diversity and mixed positions. The team had issues making aggressive CT-setups because of not having a stable secondary sniper. Adding Snedker to the lineup gives us a player who can play multiple roles, giving the team more freedom.

This also means that we will be benching Ismail 'Refrezh' Ali, Refrezh has performed great under the Tricked banner and this is not a result of him underperforming. Our team needs to adjust the roles to become less predictable and this, unfortunately, pushes Refrezh out of the lineup. We are looking to help Ismail unto a new team, and there should be no doubt about his talent.

Lastly, I want to thank Odense Esport for being a great club which also helped develop Snedker to the point where we had to buy him back into our setup and making him the first Tricked student to get a professional contract." 

Welcome "Snedker"!

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