Marcus Granlund will be flexing for Tricked in Phase two

Latest update: 6/9/2017 - 12:00:48 PMAuthor: Louis Lemeillet

Makke _letsgo Today is the time to reveal our new Heroes of the Storm member who will fill our 5th spot after Ethernal and Tricked decided to part ways. We are so very happy to introduce Marcus "Makke" Granlund who will fill in our Flex role and will be competing in the first week of Phase 2 of HGC. We sat down with Makke and Crozzby, our team captain, to exchange briefly between two scrimming sessions.

Hi, and thank you both for your time! Marcus, could you present yourself quickly to our fans?

M: Hey, my name is Marcus "Makke" Granlund, I am 20 years old and I'm from Sweden! I play the flex role now, but I was at the ranged position before. I have not played a lot of Heroes of the Storm competitively but I have a little experience nevertheless as I got to the finals in the qualifier of the first season of HGC playing with the "Jabronies".

Why made you want to join the Tricked ranks?

M: I wanted to start playing Hots on a competitive level and I knew most of the players in the team before i joined them, especially Alex and Gnappe. They were looking for a new player and I felt like I was going to be a good fit so when they asked me to try out, it was not a hard decision to make!

Crozzby, what did you feel needed to be changed that asked for a roster change? How Makke will solve that?

C: We had some issues on the team, we wanted to have the two guys in the frontline calling. This proved to be unsuccessful in the first phase, we tried swapping it around so ethernal played the flex role but this screwed up our hero pools and flexibility in draft. Therefore we needed to make this change so everyone in the team would feel comfortable in their hero pools. We needed a new start. On top of of that there's no secret to the fact that we want to try out new fresh players in the scene, and I think personally that Makke is the best candidate as an upcoming talent in the scene.

SNAPI suppose you've already started scrimming together, how is it going?

M: I'm improving a lot personally and I think we are doing so as a team as well. The scrims are going well and we are trying to find out what's going to work for us as a new team in this meta. I don't know how it worked with the old team but I think every team that gets a new player has to change a couple of things for better or worse. They seem happy about the change so I guess it's working out better than before!

C: The scrims are going really well, we're not expecting to be a top team right off the bat, but there's definitely an interesting future for our team. With Makke joining our roster we'll be having every single player on comfortable hero pools, and we'll be able to have much better control around what we can draft and what we're able to play.

Do you think Tricked can reach a better spot during Phase 2 of HGC?

M: I have not been watching HGC too much to be honest so I don't know the exact level the other teams are at, but from what I have seen top 3 should not be impossible. That's what I aim. As for the meta I am confident all the teams are doing their best to adapt to it as fast as possible, and I don't think anyone has an advantage here. Everybody's on the same starting line.

C: I think we'll do good in this next phase, the competition is going to get a lot better and Europe will develop incredibly fast in this next phase due to all the new talented players coming into the scene. We're going to work extra hard in the upcoming weeks to establish a synergy with Makke and make sure that we're well prepared for our first matches in the HGC.

Our new Tricked Esport roster will start competing in just a few days as Phase 2 of HGC starts on June 18th! Be sure to come on the stream and cheer for our new player Makke and the rest of the players as they're aiming for the top!

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