The veil has been lifted

Latest update: 25/2/2017 - 20:15:48 PMAuthor: Louis Lemeillet

Lol Today, we finally lift the veil upon our new CS:GO roster where we've made 2 changes this time. As we had to say goodbye to Jakob "JUGi" Hansen who got sold to Heroic, and as we also decided to replace Lasse "maeVe" Elgaard. They both brought us a great service with great victories, and we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

To complete the roster we went through a list of players to see which line-up could satisfy our needs the most and it ended with us changing 2 players instead of the single free spot that JUGi left. After internal discussions we decided that the best way to go was to replace maeVe aswell. This led us to complete the roster with Asger "Acilion" Larsen and Michael "Friis" Jørgensen, who both will bring a great deal of experience and skill to the team, which we and the team felt we needed to move further up the rankings.

Hunden had a few words regarding the transfer:
"Finally we managed to get our starting line-up done! The last month has been hectic and impossible to control, since we knew that JUGi was going to Heroic, we decided to make an extra change and say goodbye to my dear friend maeVe, who I will miss a lot. But now we have a team with great firepower and experience! We can't wait to develop and work towards our goals for 2017, I personally think we have the best possible line-up we could get from this change, and now we look like a team which has come out on top in this transfer."

PMVejle, our General Manager, also chipped in with a few words here:
"This has been the toughest roster change I've experienced since the beginning of our CS:GO line-up. We went through the transfer of JUGi to Heroic which was hectic and drawn out but we finally came to an agreement and shipped him on! Then we felt like something was missing in the team and numerous talks internally left us with the decision to replace maeVe aswell.

We feel that the experience Friis and Acilion will bring to the team is the thing we have been missing to finally break into the top and show people our potential. I am confident that our objective to crack down the top 30 will soon be met! And I personally can't wait to follow these guys go at it and win!"

Currently, our new squad is going at it in our Waoo House of eSport playing in the ECS qualifier and we hope that you'll come cheer for them! #GETTRICKED