Latest update: 8/8/2016 - 5:18:48 PMAuthor: Morten Jensen


Tricked are happy to announce another sponsor joining our ranks; One of the biggest gaming brands in the world;

Already supporting multiple esport teams such as NiP, SKT T1 & Paris Saint-Germain, Republic Of Gamers knows how to amplify our ingame skills so we're always one step ahead of our opponents.

Our new esports store in Denmark will be filled with cutting-edge technology that will give our teams the optimal conditions to excel.

Tricked sports director Morten 'Phy' Jensen had this to share for more precisions:

"We have chosen to enter sponsorship with Republic of Gamers because it is a quality brand in the gaming industry, and it will be a key factor for the upcoming store in Vejle, Denmark. We always strive to perfect our setup, and we think Republic of Gamers is the best choice for us to reach those goals!"

ROG Nordic also gave a statement about the new partnership:

"ROG and Tricked Esport share the same vision in supporting the esport community and creating opportunities for aspiring new players. We look forward to learning from the players how to further improve our products and we will be following the professional play with great enthusiasm. We are very thankful for the opportunity and excited to sponsor Tricked Esport! - Marcus Hultin, Marketing Director, ROG Nordic"

Keep an eye on our  Twitter and Facebook over the coming months for updates and news about the store in Vejle, as well as our upcoming webshop.