We welcome back a familiar face!

Latest update: 20/2/2018 - 12:00:48 PMAuthor: Morten Jensen


Today, we lift the veil upon our new signing to the CS:GO roster. We are welcoming back Allan 'AnJ' Jensen a former Trickster who started his career in Tricked back in 2015. Allan won't take long to adjust to the new surroundings since he has four teammates from the time in Singularity where they manage to upset everyone and win Copenhagen Games 2017. We hope to see Allan flourish and become the star he was back in 2017.

Our coach Allan 'Rejin' Petersen decided that the best way to go was to replace Simon Snedker's role in the team. He had this to say regarding the changes in the starting five:

"After our recent results, I took a hard look at the current roster. I saw a lot of flaws due to inexperience that lost us key rounds and then the match. So from today, Simon "Snedker" Snedker is benched. We haven't worked out what the future holds for Simon, he is a very young and talented player who just needs more time to develop.

At the same time, i am proud to welcome Allan "Anj" Jensen to the Tricked family. With his experience and firepower, we should be able to win those key rounds. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for us, and I'm sure with all the hard work the players put in, we can do great things."

Allan 'AnJ' Jensen, is glad to be back home:

"I'm am super excited to be back in the tricked jersey. I started my competitive career representing tricked, and it's super awesome being able to come back home and continue my journey here. It's gonna be great being back with my old teammates and I'm ready to get started with practice and officials and work on getting Tricked back into top 30 and upwards."

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