We're back in the Rift

Latest update: 20/5/2017 - 17:59:48 PMAuthor: Louis Lemeillet


Fellow Tricksters, we are extremely pleased today to announce to our League of Legends fans that we are coming back into the scene with the acquisition of a new squad made of old Tricksters along some new faces!

Formerly with Team Singularity, we would like to welcome among Tricked Esport's ranks Peter "Atom" Thomsen (Toplane), Arttu "Taikki" Sirkka (Jungle), Dan "Godbro" Van Vo (Midlane), Kristoffer "P1noy" Petersen (ADC) and Daniel "Wendelbo" Wendelbo (Support). They will be joined by Filip "Valentine" Holde, our long time trusted League of Legends expert and teacher, as a coach.

Some are known names within the Tricked's ranks such as Atom, Taikki, Godbro already played together under our banner, where they won Ragnarok in 2016 and almost got into Challenger Series Spring 2017 falling only to Team Kinguin & Team Forge. Atom & Godbro are experienced players in LCS and Challenger Series, and Taikki also shown talent and performance under the Team Forge name during Challenger Series back in the Summer 2016 season.

P1noy is known of course for being a LCS titular under the Gambit banner, and more recently in Challenger Series with Millenium. He is also an old Tricked Esport player back in 2013 and we are really happy to welcome him back. He will be joined on the botlane by Wendelbo who formed a duo with him recently under the Team Singularity banner but played through many known structures such as Denial eSports and Euronics in Europe but also CREW eSports in the Turkish Champions League where he took the 2nd spot with his squad.

The 5 players already qualified to participate in the Challenger Series Qualifier for the Summer Split through the Open Qualifier and will try once again to claim their place within the Challenger Series. We know this announcement come quite late with the Qualifier already taking place next week but we count on your support for our players and we hope to make you proud!

You can follow and support our players on their Twitter: @AtombombenLoL, @Taikkilol, @NeeGodbro, @P1noyLoL and @WendelboLoL and @TRC_Valentine