Vejle Boldklub ventures with Tricked Esport

Latest update: 4/12/2017 - 10:00:00 PMAuthor: Torben Thulstrup


We're thrilled to reveal that Vejle Boldklub has invested in Tricked Esport. Vejle Boldklub was founded in 1891 and is a giant within Danish football with 5 national championships and 6 cup titles to their name, as well as several top players - Allan Simonsen, Preben Elkjaer and Thomas Gravesen, just to name a few.

Vejle Boldklub's director, Henrik Tønder, is excited about the new venture:

"We have chosen to enter esports as it's a very exciting sport which grows exponentially week after week. It's also a sport where we can reach a very big group of people which Vejle Boldklub is not in touch with at the current time."

Since Tricked Esport's inception in 2012, the club has pledged to innovate on the esport scene and work to create a better community. The partnership with Vejle Boldklub will ensure Tricked's players have access to a wealth of various cutting-edge techniques and structure; guaranteeing that our athletes always possess the best conditions to reach excellence. Tricked hopes to build together with Vejle Boldklub an even better foundation for new talents.

Tricked Esport's director, Morten Jensen, also gave a statement about the new venture:

"I'm very excited to welcome VB into the esports world, it has been an objective in our long-term strategy to partner up with a traditional sports brand to implement a more professional setup for our esports athletes. I think we can learn a lot from them and them from us. It is a mutually beneficial partnership to strengthen Vejle's position as esports trailblazer"

We are looking forward to develop this fruitful partnership from which more Tricksters will emerge and flourish.

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