Latest update: 3/5/2017 - 22:18:48 PMAuthor: Louis Lemeillet

tours_interview The news was released yesterday that the Tricked CS:GO squad will be attending Dreamhack Tours, in France, in just 3 days from now where HUNDEN, Friis, Acilion, Es3tag & Borup will battle against some of the strongest teams in the world. With the grind leading us to the 24th place on HLTV's leaderboard, Dreamhack Tours will represent a massive challenge for our team with very little time to prepare.

We are a bit sad for our Russians friends there had to be a withdrawal from the Gambit squad, which recently won the Dreamhack ASTRO Open in Austin, so we get our chance at fighting on such a prestigious scene but we are also happy to have this awesome opportunity and the team will give it their all to bring their A-game to everyone.

To add a little more to that we sat down quickly with Nicolai "HUNDEN" Petersen, our team's captain, for a few questions.

With so many 'one game away' qualifiers, how does it feel to finally catch a break?

"The relief of finally qualified for something is big for our team! I think this will remove a little bit of the mental block Tricked have got since i joined the team in May last year. I'm looking forward to finally play the bigger events this year!"

The team will be traveling to France on Friday, is it even possible to manage some sort of preparation for the group stage?

I think we will be prepared for all match-ups. We will not make any kind of new strats for the occasion but we will be ready for a game plan for each map in the tournament. We are more than motivated for this opportunity!  

Facing G2 in the first match. What do you think of them and your chances against them, post-shuffle?

Playing the Superteam of France will remove all kind of pressure from our shoulders. No one except us to win against them when they have their home crowd with them. We can play a match without any kind of pressure. But the chances is there, it's a BO1, so we could end up playing one of our favorite maps if they are vetoing some of the wrong maps. Everything can happen when you're the underdog! Nevertheless, it's our job to bring the best we can and we'll do everything we possibly can.


Dreamhack Tours starts on Saturday 6th of May, with our match being at 1:30 pm, and as said by 'HUNDEN', Tricked Esport will face the French superteam G2 Esports for what we hope will be a battle to remember. We count on your neverending support to cheer for our Danish squad to show which country's got the best CS:GO! #GETTRICKED