Welcome to the Tricked Academy

Latest update: 14/8/2017 - 8:02:00 PMAuthor: Louis Lemeillet

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Today we are extremely proud to be revealing the true form of "Tricked Academy" and how it is going to function in the future. Tricked has, since 2014, started its own esport educational program all over Denmark, and this summer we have reached over 500 students which makes our esports program one of the largest in the world. The club is proud to have built something this innovative in the esports scene, and hopefully it will take our work with those new talents to even greater lengths than before. The Academy is mainly build around our biggest partnership, with Commercial College Campus Vejle, where 145 students already live and train everyday in our new facilities.

After this summer, students will be divided into different teams based on their level, and will have to take tests to find out which type of player/style they will aim to be/reach in the future. And it will be our coaches job to help each one of them find the right way forward and the right pass to progression.

Morten 'Phy' Jensen had this to share about the renewed "Tricked Academy":
"If you ask me what I am most proud of, since my first involvement in esports I could easily mention our two FIWC wins in FIFA, and the multiple Nordic Championships in League of Legends. But this project might be for me far more important than any cup, because it's something the old generation of esports pros never had a chance to experience. I have many old friends who used their entire youth to pursue a carrier but without any guidance nor help. A very small margin of them succeeded, but most of them ended up dropping school and had to start all over, or never really got back into studying again. We, as an esports team, also have a responsibility towards the young people and their parents today, to not let them repeat our mistakes, and we have to acknowledge our responsibility if we want esports to grow even bigger in the future. We believe in Danish esports and the vast amount of talent that exists in this very small country. Hopefully this academy is going to be the first chapter of some extraordinary histories!"

We are extremely thankful to Campus Vejle and our other partners for trusting us over the past years and we hope to develop a leading model of success around esports training and youth empowerment. A lot of the most talented pros nowadays emerged from Denmark, and we will do everything in our power to keep the trend alive.

For more updates around our Tricked Academy, you can keep up with Campus Vejle announcements and our own social media on Facebook and Twitter.