The finalization of our new CSGO lineup

Latest update: 15/05/2018 - 20:00:48 PMAuthor: Torben Thulstrup


Tricked would like to confirm the shake-ups to our Counter-Strike roster, as many have seen us take part in the Legend-Series with various lineups and with different players on board. It probably comes with little surprise that some changes were on the way. We have put our disappointing result at Copenhagen Games behind us and hatched a new version for Tricked Esports Counter-Strike division.

Building talent is still the main ingredient in our vision and therefore decided to keep two of Denmark's biggest talents on board. Simon 'Snedker' Snedker & Lucas 'Lukki' Pilheden are what's left from our old lineup. They will be fighting alongside three former North Academy players. Nicolai 'Glace' Jensen, Frederik 'Lomme' Nielsen and our last acquired player Johannes 'Borup' Borup who is coming back for his second stay in the club.

That unfortunately also means Tricked will be putting Allan 'AnJ' Jensen on the bench and will be actively trying to find him a new home where he can show his true potential. We want to thank Allan for his work in Tricked and looking at his stats there's no doubt he's back in form after his stay in North America.

Morten 'Phy' Jensen
had the following to say.

"I'm very excited that we finally can raise the veil regarding our starting lineup on our Counter-Strike team. We had a very bumpy road in 2017 with our last team and as stated in previous articles we really tried everything to make the team perform. Unfortunately, the team never really flourished and we only saw a small glimpse of what they were capable of. This resulted in 2017 being a year where Tricked Esport lost ground to its direct competition and seeing its rivals move much faster. This time we tried a different type of leader that we knew would also bring a very different playing style to the team and so far I'm really excited to see how much Glace & Lomme brings to the team. It's been a turbulent period for our Counter-Strike division, and I'm sad that this had to affect AnJ, a player I have immense respect for but im also really happy with our picks, Borup is a great guy that im proud to have back in Tricked again."

You'll see the team in action in MDL ESEA soon but do keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook over the coming months for updates and news about the team.