Live at Copenhagen Games

Latest update: 28/03/2018 - 20:18:48 PMAuthor: Morten 'Phy' Jensen


We have arrived at Copenhagen Games and searched the venue for our seats. The venue looks very different from the last couple of years but in a good way. The PCs setup is done and ready for tomorrows Counter-Strike qualifier, the only downside is what looks to be some very old tables that's barely standing on its own. If you have ever attended this event in the past you'll know actually what we are describing. :-)

The groups for tomorrows games is out and you can find them here:

Thursdays games:

11:30 - Tricked Academy vs Clean Sweep - 16-11 
12:30 - Tricked Esport vs ImmuNe - 16-5 
13:30 - Tricked Academy vs Marskalk  - 12-16
14:30 - Tricked Academy vs HHR El-teknil - 5-16
17:30 - Tricked Esport vs h4rr1-p0tt3r -  2-0 
22:10 - Tricked Esport vs marskalk - 2-0 

Fridays games:

10:30 - Tricked Esport vs Rogue - 2-0 
13:45 - Tricked Esport vs Imperial - 1-2 

We fall short just one map away from top 4 and the Main stage playoff