Live at Copenhagen Games

Latest update: 13/04/2017 - 20:18:48 PMAuthor: Morten 'Phy' Jensen


Copenhagen Games did not start the way we wanted it to, the CSGO Boys had their first taste of defeat. The semifinal ended 1-2 to Fragsters and the young guns went on to face Singularity in the final and claiming the Danish Championship title with an 2-1 victory. Very impressive result from Fragsters, and a big congratulations to the new danish champions. 


After receiving a direct invite, our Counter Strike team will have the day off for some training and looking at the other competing teams. The CSGO Main tournament begins with the group stages on Friday 14th April 14:00 CET.



Groups are underway with all our fifa tricksters competing; Bacha, Keglekongen, Hasanplayer, The kid & Erikzzzon. Hopefully all of them will advance to the Playoffs.

Playoff brackets:

**Erikzzzon had the best result on the day losing out in round of 16 to Fredberg from Marienlyst Esport


1st game vs. eFuture: 16-12 Victory
2nd game vs Singularity: 16-11 Victory



1st playoff game vs. NRG: 2-0 Victory
2st playoff game vs. Dreamchasers 1-2 Loss

3-4th placement.