Lineup completion for HGC 2018

Latest update: 21/11/2017 - 8:00:48 PMAuthor: Torben Thulstrup


Today we are announcing our coming team for the upcoming Heroes of the Storm Global Championship season. In the process evaluating and picking the right team, we sat down with the team and discussed what we lacked and what needed improvement. We had a disappointing end to the HGC-season where we failed to qualify for the Grand Finals in Anaheim. There were many areas where we could improve but one of the recurring issues was the missing experience in stressful situations in the support role. We agreed that this role needs to deliver on a higher and more consistent level. As a consequence of this meeting, we saw the need to thank Gnappe for his services and started looking elsewhere.

AlextheproG on Gnappe's departure:

"We performed badly towards the end of HGC, and we felt like something in our team needed to change. We felt like we couldn´t provide the circumstances for Gnappe to work in our team, so both parties agreed that it would be better to split up. We believe that getting Granpkt in will give us a very experienced and vocal player which we need in order to be more consistent. He showed his consistensy last season with Zealots. Our goal for the coming season is getting to top 4 in HGC EU and hopefully show that we are not a wildcard team that only trick people from time to time."

had this to say about his farewell:

"I had a great year with Tricked and I really enjoyed playing in the HGC during 2017. Both parties agreed that something needed to change in the team and it should be for the better for both of us. I am really looking forward to watching my ex-teammates play in the next season of HGC with their new addition, Granpkt. I would like to send out a big thanks to Tricked for taking care of me during this year. I wish them all the best of luck in the upcoming season! "

We are proud to present Francisco 'GranPkt' Sorribas as our new support-role. Granpkt played for Zealots but was released on November 11th. He has a glorious record from teams as Team Liqiud, Natus Vincere and teh89.

Granpkt has the following to say about signing for Tricked Esport:

"I'm super excited to join the Tricked family. I have played with Remmerballer and Crozzby in the past and I believe we can achieve big things together. I believe Makke is a very talented player and I'm looking forward to compete by his side. 2018 will be definitively the year of GranPkt and the year of TRICKED."

This means that the Tricked-roster for the forthcoming season consists of:

• Alexander 'AlextheproG' Grumstrup
• Martin 'Crozzby' Rugh
• Marcus 'Makke' Granlund
• Alexander 'Remmerballer' Remmerswaal
• Francisco 'GranPkt' Sorribas

Welcome, Granpkt!