Two boys in the house, two wins in the bag

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Heroesofthestorm _interviewToday we sat down with Oscar 'Gnappe' Svanberg and Martin 'Crozzby' Rugh to talk about the recent performances of the Tricked Esport Heroes of the Storm team in HGC. Coming from an up-and-down first five weeks, the squad secured important wins during weeks 6 and 7. We wanted to get their impressions coming into the last weeks before the playoffs for Dreamhack Summer, directly from the WAOO House of Esport where both of them are bootcamping.

First of all congratulations on the recent 2 victories. What do you feel has changed since the first weeks of competition? How did you achieve to defeat teams you had trouble with and even give a serious run to the top contender Team Liquid?

Crozzby: "Our mentality changed a lot since the 1st part of HGC. We took a lot of time to sit down together as a team and we found some ways to improve and perform better. Mainly the problem we had was that only AlexTheProG was shotcalling and we didn't give as much info as we could. It was not the best solution. Now we've put Remmer on the main tank position and helping with the shotcalling and it works a lot better.

We've produced much better results in the recent weeks, despite a 0-2 start against Synergy, and it was because with Remmer helping with the shotcalling, everyone got more vocal and it helped us all getting more focused on the game.

That game against Synergy was indeed a rollercoaster of emotions. What was the mood like when you were 0-2 against them? And after you did the reverse sweep? "

Gnappe: "I feel we've always been able to come back, no matter the match-up. We are a team which never give up. Since we're a tier 2 team in this competition, we need to always feel as underdogs who can come back and reverse the situation. Like, feel that no matter what we're gonna be fine and we can win the next fight or the next game."

Crozzby: "When we were 0-2 we were obviously not happy about it, but we managed to stay calm and tell ourselves we could win, that there was no way we could lose to them. We just needed to keep focusing on our game and listen to Alex and Remm."

AlexTheProG (Teamspeak stalker): "Just to add more on that specific point, we told ourselves that we're not gonna lose to this team because we feel we have a much better level and honestly it'd have been quite a hard blow to lose against them."

Gnappe: "We just said "We need to win the 3 next games" and we did it and it felt really good. After the games, we felt honestly a lot of relief. We needed for ourselves to win this series. We managed to turn it around and it obviously felt great."

Crozzby: "I think it also helped us create a momentum that we kept going and I think it helped us a lot getting a mentality boost and getting our A-game together, that ultimately led us to a quite convincing win against Team Expert."

How do you feel, considering those victories, will happen in the next weeks? Do you think you can beat Fnatic and Dignitas now? (Tricked already played against Team Liquid, resulting in a 2-3 loss)

Crozzby: "I definitely think we have the odds against us and it'll be very hard games for sure. But we'll do our best and if we are in our top form I think we can beat them. Of course with the standings being what they are we probably can't catch up to the top 3 but we expect a top 4 finish and we'll give our all in the playoffs afterwards to secure the 2nd spot for Dreamhack Summer."

HuuusYou're in Tricked's gaming house right now, what does it bring to you? Do you think having 2 players only inside is a problem or it actually helps the whole team?

Gnappe: "Obviously thanks to being in the gaming house, me and Crozzby will definitely get closer as teammates and friends and I'm sure it will help the team. Being in the gaming house is a good area to practice and stay focus on the game, it's really nice to be there. Valentine also helped us during the Synergy series saying we could win it all even when being 0-2."

Crozzby: "Yeah, here you can always focus on the game and nothing else. And since you're just focusing on it you perform better. We have everything we need here and obviously no problem with Internet or whatsoever so we can keep improving.

I don't think it'll create issues with only us two being here. It's really up to who wants to come to the house, nothing good come from forcing people. Different players have different thoughts about it. But I think it'd probably be us 5 together for training for the playoffs."

Finally, you're facing Playing Ducks next week, what's going to be the result?

Gnappe: "I think we're gonna win if we keep on our tracks."

Crozzby:  "3-0"

Tricked Esport's Heroes of the Storm squad will be facing Playing Ducks on Friday 28th before facing Fnatic, BeGenius and Dignitas in the following weeks. You can follow all the action on so be sure to tune in to support them! #GETTRICKED