Goodbye HGC

Latest update: 1/6/2018 - 12:00:00 PMAuthor: Morten Jensen

Gettricked _hgc

It's with a heavy heart that Tricked would like to confirm the departure from Heroes of the Storm, this means our era in HGC has come to an end. Tricked has started a new strategy in 2018 and unfortunately, there wasn't room for improving our chances in the game.

The league spot has been given back to the players, and the team will be sticking together so of course will  be rooting for Alex and rest of the Tricksters.

Morten 'Phy' Jensen
had the following to say.

"It's been a fun and great experience for our brand, but at the moment we don't experience that the game is giving back enough to keep investing money into the title. I would like to thank every person who wrote #GETTRICKED or paid for our stuff in-game, you truly are the backbone of the game.

Hopefully, the Blizzard esports team will look into our feedback and change certain stuff for the future so Heroes of the storm can flourish as an esports title."

We wish Crozzby, Makke, Alextheprog, Remmerballer & GranPkt the best of luck in phase two of HCG.