End of an era

Latest update: 25/5/2017 - 13:20:48 PMAuthor: Louis Lemeillet

Bye hunden

Fellow Tricksters, today we come to you with some heavy news as we will make some drastic changes surrounding our CS:GO squad. We will not be extending the contracts of our five players, ending on the 30th of June, and Hunden, Es3tag, Friis, Acilion and Borup will be free to pursue new opportunities.

Morten 'Phy' Jensen had this to share for more precisions:

"Every era has its end, and for Tricked Esport, that time has come for our CS:GO team.

We had many talks with our players and the board over the last couple months, without any real progress, while they received a lot of offers after their performance at Dreamhack Tours. The era of God Hunden has to come to an end.

While we're saddened about it, Nicolai has been with Tricked for over a year now and I'm very proud of the results we ended up with, after more than 12 months of hard work. It's hard to find more dedicated players, with the drive and ambition to become the best. Hunden has been the captain of the team since it's arrival, helping the new players feel welcome and shotcalling for everyone.

We won't stay silent too long since we are already looking to resume our CS:GO ascension and we look forward to presenting a new line-up this Summer. I personally want to thank all the players for their great cooperation and hard work, and I wish them all the best in their new home."

Nicolai 'Hunden' Petersen
also gave a statement for the danish fans:

"Det er med følelserne ude på tøjet, at vi idag som hold slutter vores samarbejde med tricked esport. 13 måneders ophold blev det til fra min side. Jeg joinet sidste år, der troede jeg det var tæt på slut med cs fra min side. Det fik Morten ændret, og han gjorde det til mit bedste esport år nogensinde. Vi fik i samarbejde med hinanden, lavet et nyt tophold i Danmark. Det krævede sine mænd på holdet, men vi opnåede vores mål med et nyt top25 hold i verden! Tak Morten!

Vi vil som hold gerne sige tak for tiltroen, tak fordi du troede på mig.

Som hold fortsætter vi sammen. Vi er nu et samlet hold uden organisation. Så hvis du kender nogen, som vil have et top25 csgo hold - så kontakt mig over Twitter, min DM er åben for alle parter!"

We have made a goodbye video for the GOD himself!