What a crazy year it's been for me & Tricked eSport

Latest update: 30/12/2016Author: Morten 'Phy' Jensen

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I think 2016 was the game changer for most of the eSports Industry and in particularly for us as well. We started the year by prolonging our eSport school program with Campus Vejle, and therefore also making the choice of setting up our HQ in Vejle city. It was a huge step for us committing to a specific geographic area, defining our "home-turf". Within a year, Tricked have made more than 8 new schools/partners and is now tutoring more than 160 students all over Denmark. That is something I'm personally really proud of feel very strongly about. That is also why i put my favorite inspirational quote im the header, wise words to live by. 

2016 was also the year we did our first round in venture capital, completing a great deal with Seier Capital and making our foundation even stronger for 2016/2017. This move gave us many business opportunities and made us aware of how to proceed in future venture deals.

Our biggest three wins this year

1.Mohamad Al-Bacha's FIWC comeback: It is still to date the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed. It was also the first time I cried of happiness because of a result.

2.Taking Ragnarok second title in a row: I think we have proven that we are very serious about getting that opportunity to join Riot and their league. I hope we will advance into CS and LCS in 2017.

3.5-8th at ESWC; Promising result, even playing with a "stand-in" shortly after we were forced to sell one of the team's biggest talents, nikolaj. I used the word "forced" because we did not intend to sell him, but we understood the wish nikolaj had to seek out this opportunity and happily obliged.

We try to participate in as many events as possible, that is also why I think we have more secondary / lesser titles of any org in Denmark. I cannot keep track but I think we have over 16 "1st places" this year, so we actually broke our record from last year.

I will also look back on 2016 as the most stressful year in eSports as of yet, we have gone through so many stages and building our organization stronger than ever before. The house tour video should be done soon - There are some reasons to why we can reveal it yet! #plotthickens

With 2016 almost behind us, I think we can start to turn our attention to 2017 and oh man, do we have many new announcements coming up here in January! I can reveal Tricked will part with something I personally hold very dear and will miss a lot. We will have at least two major announcements in the start of the year, and that will bring something entirely new to Danish eSports scene.

On a brief side note, the eSports track of the year is: Blink 182 - All The Small Things (Teddy Rose Remix) Tricked montage incoming? Who knows?

Happy New Year to everyone - I cannot wait to take on 2017